Main Products
Installation and Debugging

After our equipment is completed and delivered to the customer’s site, we will dispatch technical team (over 2 persons) to the site for 7-90 days installation and debugging services, based on complexity of installation and debugging. With principles of efficiency and safety, we will struggle to complete each installation and debugging job.


EasyFashion Industry will dispatch technical team to the customer site for installation and debugging. During this period, our team shall train the equipment operators of customer, including technical basic knowledge, operation, maintenance, safety precautions and others, to ensure they can operate and maintain equipment independently.

After-sales Service

EasyFashion Industry supplies quick response for after-sales service including technical support, troubleshooting, maintenance, etc. Channels of agency and distribution are important guarantees of after-sales service. EasyFashion is developing agents around the world and strengthening the cooperation with other companies for localization of service.

Spare Parts Support

EasyFashion industry supplies one year warranty of main equipment and spare parts. Vulnerable parts and consumables are not included in warranty but can be supplied in case clients require.

Technology Support

A technical team of more than 10 technicians in EasyFashion Industry provides technology support of pre-sale and after-sale. Technicians in technical team have worked in the powder metallurgy industry for a long period of 3~25 years, possessing rich experience in powder production equipment, sintering furnaces, heat treatment equipment, etc.. They are working on improving and updating industry furnace design continuously, and providing professional and targeted suggestion for the customer, thus the customer’s precise requirements shall be guaranteed.

Our Core Team

Mr. Wang

  • Powder Metallurgy of Central South University
  • Founder and CEO of EasyFashion Industry
  • Over25 Years Experience of Powder Metallurgy & New Materials
  • Inventor of Over 20 Advanced Technological Patents
  • Awarded as expert by Expert Committee of Beijing New Materials Technology Association in 2017.

Prof. Liu

  • Special Technical Consultant, Director of Institute of Functional Materials of Powder Metallurgy Research Institute of Central South University
  • Inventor of Several National Patents in New Materials
  • Won World-class Scientific Achievements in Field of Military Thermal Battery Materials

Maggie Huang

  • Graduated from Central South University
  • Sales Manager of EasyFashion Industry
  • Multiple Times of Going Abroad with International Vision and Global Marketing Experience
  • Rich Professional and Practical Experience in Exporting Metal Powder Materials Equipment