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Directional Solidification Furnace

Type: Heat Treatment Equipment

Input Size: depending on working zone size.

Processed Materials: production of silver-based, nickel-based, iron-based, and cobalt-based high-temperature alloys etc.

Applications: Directional Solidification Furnace is primarily applied to the production of silver-based, nickel-based, iron-based, and cobalt-based high-temperature alloys.

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This series of vacuum directional solidification furnace is a modern equipment working for melting metal or alloy with medium-frequency induction heating under vacuum, forming thermal gradient with specialized-designing holding furnace and cooling system, and production of directional solidified and single-crystal parts by pulling down mechanism. It can strictly control temperature and alloy content of materials.
This furnace is primarily applied to the production of silver-based, nickel-based, iron-based, and cobalt-based high-temperature alloys, and the high-quality products made of these alloys are commonly practiced into aerospace turbine engine industry, vehicle, bio-medical field, chemistry field and entertaining fields.

Specification/ ModelEF-ZKD-5EF-ZKD-10EF-ZKD-25EF-ZKD-50EF-ZKD-100
Capacity (based on steel) (kg)5102550100
Pressure rising rate (Pa/h)≤0.67
Extreme vacuum degree6.67×10-3Pa/1Pa
Working vacuum degree6.67×10-2Pa/10Pa
Input power supply3 phase, 380V±10%,50Hz
Output frequency (Hz)40002500
Supply power (kW)3060100/160160/200
Total power (kVA)35100240280
Output voltage (V)375
Max. working temperature (°C)1700
Total weight (calculated value)(t)33.5458
Cooling water consumption (m3/h)
Cooling water pressure (MPa)0.2~0.4
Input water temperature (°C)20
Holding furnace powerTwo stages (three stages)
Holding furnace heating methodResistance heating (induction heating)
Note: The above is standard configuration which is adjustable based on customer requirements.

1. Intelligent control system
2. Overall designing furnace, occupying small area
3. Process accurate controlling technology

It adopts variable-frequency speed regulating motor to precisely control the elevation of fixed model; High-effective power control (IGBT/PID); Temperature correction control (infrared/thermocouple);
4. Security Advantage
Large-scale explosion-proof device; Automatic pressure relief device; Back-pressure filling device; Leakage checking apparatus.

Rated power: 50KW Power: 380V 50Hz Heating method: KGPS MF Rated frequency: 1~3KHz Max. working temperature: 1700℃ Max. loading: 50Kg Effective crucible size: Φ180x260(mm) Final vacuum: ≤100Pa (unloading)
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