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Academician A.Inoue signed a strategic cooperation agreement with our company


     On January 3, 2018, the association of Hunan provincial science and technology and the people's Government of Yiyang jointly organized the "Academician Expert Yiyang Travel", A special invitation to the famous Japanese academician, Akihisa Inoue. After the end of the activity, A. Inoue went to our factory for a field visit. He give a highly evaluation in terms of our materials, our technical research and achievements. After that we signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and we plan to build "International Joint Laboratory of Micron / Nanometer Innovative Powder Materials" within 3 years at home and abroad.

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 Academician A.Inoue: A world-renowned materials scientist, the former president of Northeastern University of Japan, the academician of the Academy of Japan and the foreign academician of the American Academy of Engineering. He also received the nomination of the Nobel Prize for physics, and has a high position in the field of material research in the world. Professor A.Inoue and his team have written more than 3, 000 papers in the field of amorphous materials, accounting for more than 80% papers and more than 100,000 views in this field in the world. 

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     Our company plans for the next three years 

         I. Investment expansion plan

            1. Expected total investment: 65 million yuan

            2. Occupied area: The first phase of the leased building is 13,000 square meters. Expected total land: 50 mu

            3. Objective: The annual output value is over 250 million yuan, and the tax revenue is about 20 million yuan.

        II. Planning to building World-wide Plateform Known as " Micro / Nano Powder Materials Innovation International Joint Laboratory"

            1. Expected total investment: 60 million yuan

            2. Objectives: To build the international first-class new material production equipment and technology research and development, experiment, multi product project hatching, project acceleration plateform, research and development, production and sales base of high performance material preparation technology.

       III. Construction of academician workstation

             1. Expected total investment: 10 million yuan

             2. Occupied area: Chen Yunbo academician workstation office space is 500 square meters.

             3. Objectives: To build the core technology competitiveness of the factory by using the top intellctual resources in China.