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New Market and New Cooperation


    On July 3, 2018, Customers from Indonesia came to visit our factory. They are interested in EIGA System (Electrode Induction Melting Inert Gas Atomization) and Centrifugal Atomization System. We conducted efficient communication in the meeting room.


    During the meeting, customers watched a video about Easy Fashion Industry and our products and then gave introductions about the two companies. Also we made presentation about the equipment customers want, EIGA and Centrifugal Atomization system. Having had an initial knowledge about the equipment, customers spoke highly of the company’s overall strength.

   After the meeting, accompanied by our technical team, customers visited our office building, workshop, R&D center, exhibition center and so on. They felt satisfied about the high precision, high property and high quality of our EIGA and Centrifugal Atomization System.


  Through the visit to the equipment and communications between technical staff of both companies, customers have a more profound understanding about Easy Fashion Industry. In the end, through amicable negotiation, both parties reached consensus on the future cooperation.