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Easy Fashion and Indian Customers Launched a “New Phase” in Atomizing Powder Project



On 25th July, a customer from India payed a visit to us. He has been dedicated to Powder Metallurgy for many years and developed large industrial experience. Weeks ago, he contacted us by email and expressed strong wish to not only look at our atomizing powder equipment but cooperate with us in the form of agency. After the meeting, accompanied by the marketing manager of Easy Fashion, the deputy manager of the factory and our technical staff, we showed customers around and had a closer look at the to-be-shipped three sets of VIGA, one Water Atomizing Powder Equipment, and one Plasma Atomizing Powder Equipment.



After that, both parties agreed to launch a “new phase” in atomizing powder project and work jointly toward win-win results in the additive manufacturing and 3D printing. “For the equipment with such a good property, it is pity that Indian market hasn’t yet largely seen its real value. I will bridge the gap between the two markets.” The customer said in the wake of our technical staff’s presentation. Following the meeting, the customer insisted that we pay a visit to his factory and discuss more details about the cooperation on additive manufacturing and 3D printing.