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Welcome European Customers Visited Our Company


On August 29, 2018, Russian Corporation (world leader in titanium production), a Russia transnational company, purposely came to visit to our company. The CEO and the marketing manager of Swiss branch of the corporation and the sales manager of China branch came to visit our equipment being manufactured in our factory, including HDH Furnace (production equipment for irregular titanium powder), water atomization equipment, gas atomization equipment, plasma spheroidizing equipment, etc. Both parties have conducted deep technical communication and business negotiation. The customer expects to place an order for purchasing our company’s HDH furnace within 3 months. Once they stabilize the operation of equipment, and they would expand production capacity later and purchase the whole production line. Finally, the equipment would be applied in the field of customer’s AM, including aviation, power engineering (including atomic power engineering), chemical project, shipbuilding, medicine, etc.