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EASYFASHION -- 2018 World Congress on Powder Metalluray (WORLDPM2018)



From September 16 to 20, the 2018 World Powder Metallurgy Conference (WORLDPM2018), jointly sponsored by CPMA and CSM, was held at the Beijing International Conference Center. The biennial World Powder Metallurgy Congress and Exhibition alternates among Asia, North America and Europe. Following Yokohama in Japan, Orlando in USA and Hamburg in Germany, this is also the 27th international conference since the first Congress in 1965. It is the highest level conference in the field of powder metallurgy in the world, and it is the first time to hold the World Powder Metallurgy Conference in China.

The World Powder Metallurgical Conference and Exhibition formally kicked off at Beijing National Convention Center on September 17th. At the grand event of this industry ,EasyFashion Industry, at an advantage in the international position, demonstrated for powder metallurgy and other industries to provide customers with the most economical and effective solutions. A series of advanced equipment such as powder production equipment applied in powder metallurgy industry and cemented carbide special equipment and solutions become the highlight of this exhibition. This fully reflects EasyFashion Industry relying on leading technology to achieve industrial innovation and excellence in improving quality and efficiency and attract many industry people and customers to come to discuss.


In recent years, powder metallurgy technology has been paid more and more attention by manufacturing industry and government all over the world, and also occupies an important position in the economic development of various countries. Relying on its own strong technical strength and talent advantages, EasyFashion Industry has created a number of domestic No.1 titles, and has more than 20 national new products, more than 70 independent knowledge and patent property rights, of which products are favored by customers all over the world.


During the exhibition, many customers came and consulted the products, and expressed their intention to visit the factory and negotiate further. In the future, EasyFashion Industry will continue to rely on economic and effective solutions for the development of China's PM industry chain customers to protect, provide continued assistance.

Thank you all new and regular customers for your support during this exhibition, and look forward to seeing you in the next meeting!