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Installation and Debugging

After our equipment is completed and delivered to the customer’s site, we will dispatch technical team (over 2 persons) to the site for 7-90 days installation and debugging services, based on complexity of installation and debugging.

With principles of efficiency and safety, we will struggle to complete each installation and debugging job.


1. Preparations before installation and debugging

1) Prepare for all equipment moving tools, including crane, lifter, external platform, etc.

2) Prepare for factory infrastructures,including plant construction, masonry & concrete engineering, drainage & exhaust pipes, lightning protection and grounding device protection equipment, water and electricity gas source, gas connection piping installation, equipment, etc..

3) Prepare for necessary working conditions for equipment normal running,including raw materials, melting/heat treatment materials, trial-running consumables, inert gas supplement, storage device,et..


 2. Installation and debugging details

1) Completing basic installation job with our assistance, including main equipment, auxiliary systems (such as vacuum system, power supply system, cooling water system, water/gas supporting system, classification system, etc.), working platform/brackets, etc.

2) Make cooling tests. It includes all water & electricity & gas connections, vacuum test, power-on test, finished products test, etc. under the unloaded condition.

3) Making heating tests. It includes melting/heating test, vacuum test, circulating cooling water test, finished products test, etc. under the loaded condition.

4) Acceptance tests(i.e.trial-production). After the whole equipment makes a few times running and is qualified that all index meet the required technical requirements, we will sign Acceptance Report and Equipment Transfer Report.

 Note: All relevant charges caused by cooling and heating tests are paid by the customer.

3. Attendants of the customers during this period

5) One mechanical engineer

6) One electrician with PLC skills

7) One piping installation worker

8) One welder

9) 1-3 technical engineers

10) Others