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Amorphous Alloy Powder Production Equipment

Type: Powder Production Equipment

Input Size: blocks, plates, bars, rods, etc. raw materials in various sizes.

Processed Materials: magnetic material

Applications: Amorphous Alloy Powder Production Equipment continuously produces amorphous alloy powder electrics, usd for electronic components, military industry etc..

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Amorphous Alloy Powder Production Equipment is the magnetic material handling equipment that continuously produces amorphous alloy powder by using high-speed cooling method. The large-scale production is conducted under protective gas or vacuum condition. The produced powders mainly are used for electrics, electronic components, military industry etc..

1.Vacuum reaching pressure: 10-3 Pa (when filling with specimen and nozzle);
2.Leakage volume: less than 10-9Pam3/sec;
3.Injection pressure: Max. 0.1MPa;
4.Smelting capacity: 5~50g/based on iron;
5.Highest heating temperature: 1500°C;
6.Common heating temperature: 1200°C;
7.Cooling roller rotating speed: 100-500rpm;
8.High-frequency output: 5kW;
9.Output frequency: 100KHz.
10.Power supply: 3 phases, 220V, 13KVA (clients need to prepare voltage transformer for their own)
11.Cooling water: 25L/min, water pressure: 0.35MPa (backpressure: less than 0.1MPa)
12.Inert gas (Ar): displaced capacity 100L/per time, pressure 0.5MPa.

Its working principle refers to that smelted metal is jetted onto quench cooling roller in high-speed rotation under given conditions in Ar gas environment,after vacuum exhausting, and then the amorphous thin band though quench cooling process.

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