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Electrode Induction Melting Gas Atomization (EIGA) Equipment

Type: Powder Production Equipment

Input Size: bars

Processed Materials: metals or alloys

Applications: Electrode Induction Melting Gas Atomization (EIGA) Equipment's output powders are mainly used for additive manufacturing and surface cladding of components.

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Principle: Under vacuum or inert gas protection, the slowly rotating feedstock rod is heated by high frequency induction coil and melted inductively and continuously in the absence of crucible. Then the molten falls free, flows into atomization system and is crushed into a large number of small liquid droplets by high pressure inert gas from atomizer spray plate. Then small liquid droplets are solidified into spherical granular powders in flight. Feedstock doesn't contact with crucible and fluid limiting diversion tube, so it doesn't get pollution.


System components: steel working platform, melting device module, vacuum equipment, inert gas atomization module, atomization tower, powder collection system, highly active powder material surface passivation treatment device module, control system. 

  • Total power: 100kW

  • Melting capacity: 5kg or 10kg (calculated by the density of Ti)

  • Feeding methods: single or continuous feeding by 10pcs each time.

  • Feeding speed: rotation rate 1~30r/min;

  • Feeding quantities:

    slow: 1~50mm/min (adjustable); fast: 200mm/min (constant).

  • Powder size: D50=45μm

  • Recovery rate: ≥ 95%

  • Gas consumption: high pure Ar or nitrogen max. 800Nm3/h

1. It can produce titanium and alloyed powders with ultra-purity and spherical morphology by the raw material in form of rod. And it also can be applicable to produce high-melting- point and other active metal powders;

2. It can produce powder materials of highly chemical purity;

3. Low energy consumption; 

4. Anti-static and anti-explosion design.

Our new equipment Electrode Induction Gas Atomization (EIGA) was finished this month. And it produced superfine iron powders successfully.
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